Undine are a race of water Fae.

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Undine (Water Elemental)

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Undine OriginsEdit

The Undine came from tears, the first time Oberon left Maeve for her pretty sister. She didn't understand and nearly died of sorrow. Her tears were the first Undine. They're hers alone, and because of that they can't mate with humans. There are no changelings among the Undine.

About Undine Edit

Characteristics Edit

  • Body is made entirely of water, which doesn't understand illness, it can get polluted, not sick.
  • Undine have pearls that serves as a physical anchor— if damaged, then so it the Undine—an Undine is healthy as long as their pearl is.
  • Undine are unaffected by cold. With exception the some of the various breeds of snow fae, the Undine could walk naked in subzero temperatures and not be affected.
  • Iron is like acid to an Undine.
  • Undine are only flesh because they want to be.
  • Undine are tied to their lands.[1]

Firstborn / Descendent FromEdit

  • Descendent from: Maeve's tears

Powers, Abilities Edit

  • healing powers
  • Undine magic rules:
    • blood in Lily's waters gave her permission to keep Toby alive
    • she had to have verbal consent to heal her

Home / Habitat Edit

  • the Sea

Appearance Edit

  • beautiful, have scales and slightly webbed fingers. 

Other Details Edit

Quotes Edit

"Even new Undine are older than the rest of us. They remember when the ocean ruled the world." Amandine to October.

Characters Edit

References Edit

  1. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 6

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