The Three Creators of Faerie, also known as The Big Three, the King and Queens, or the Lord and Ladies — is a colloquial name for Oberon and his wives Maeve and Titania, founders of the realm of Faerie.

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The Big Three are the rulers of all Faerie, and the top of the heap in all things: the highest political powers, and the highest on the potential power scale. Next to them, even the Firstborn are weak. Oberon, Maeve, and Titania are scary as hell. They've also been missing for roughly five hundred years, which explains a lot about the state of Faerie in Toby's time.

Every child of the Big Three is considered one of the Firstborn, and every Firstborn is potentially the parent of one or more races, depending on what they do. Some Firstborn will never have a descendant race; others may have two or more. ~ The Toby Daye FAQ

The fae live in their own worlds but many of them live in the mortal world, too. The fae King Oberon has vanished and the current Queen rules in his absence. Each of the Dukes and Countesses rule their own land which is inviolate no matter how small it is. The land is called the ruler's “now”. The fae world seem to be full of half blood of various kinds but maybe that's because as a half blood Toby knows more other half bloods than full blooded people. ~ Seanan McGuire: Rosemary and Rue | Mervi's Book reviews

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  • Oberon's First Law: no killing of other Fae
  • Power over Blood Magic ,[1] the magic of memory and theft[2]

Firstborn Children:

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  • Summer Queen
  • Out of all Titania's descendants, only the Daoine Sidhe can measure another's death by the taste of their blood
  • Power over Flower Magic,[1] illusions and wards[2]

Firstborn Children:

Fae Races Descendant

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Firstborn Children:

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