The following are the children of Mitch and Stacy Brown.

Cassandra Edit

oldest, born 1991 (age 22 in Dreams and Slumbers), Berkeley, same age as Gillian[1], Seer: aeromancer (Sees things in the air) [2]

Karen Edit

second oldest, born 1999 (age 14 in Once Broken Faith) Seer: oneiromancer (uses dreams to predict the future), friends with kitsune child, talks to Toby in dreams

Anthony Edit

middle child, born 2001 (age 9 in An Artificial Night)

Jessica Edit

second youngest, born 2004 (age 6 in An Artificial Night)

Andrew Edit

youngest child, born 2006 (age 4 in An Artificial Night) taken by Blind Michael in An Artificial Night

References Edit

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  2. Dreams and Slumbers