The Tea Gardens, aka Japanese Tea Gardens, are a fief of Faerie, until recently held by Lily and located on land owned by the Queen in the Mists. Golden Gate Park is "carved into dozens of tiny fiefdoms - some no bigger than a single tree - and their boundaries are rigidly enforced."[1] There is no local regent.


Locations within the GardensEdit

  • Moon Bridge
  • Lily's pond

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Characters Associated Edit

Name What About
Lily Undine Lady of the Tea Gardens, Toby's friend; becomes ill later in series;
Marcia quarter-blooded changeling Lily took her in when most of Faerie wouldn't; later, seneschal to the Count of Goldengreen;
Walther Davies Tylwyth Teg, teacher teaches chemistry at UC Berkeley
Toby Daye Changeling Knight Errant for Sylvester Torquill;  
Pieria Pixie ? hurt her wing, so Walther went to get Lily, found her ill; 

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  1. Rosemary and Rue, Ch. 1

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