Stacy Brown 

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Stacy Brown is one of Toby's changeling friends. She is married to Mitch Brown and the mother of Cassandra, Karen, Anthony, Jessica, Andrew. In An Artificial Night, Stacey's two youngest children get abducted by Blind Michael for his Wild Hunt. She and Mitch call Toby for help in finding and returning them.

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Children of Mitch and StacyEdit

  • Cassandra: oldest, Nineteen, Berkeley
  • Karen: second oldest, an oneiromancer (uses dreams to predict the future)
  • Anthony: middle child
  • Jessie: age 6
  • Andrew: youngest child

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  • 1/4 blood changeling
  • part Barrow Wight

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  • short, barely 5'3"[1]

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Changeling Childhood FriendsEdit

  • Kerry — half Hob, half airhead; (three quarters Hob)
  • Julie — half Cait Sidhe (unknown what relationship is after Rosemary and Rue)
  • Mitch Brown — husband, Nixie/Hob, mixed with human made him large, though Hobs are short
  • October DayeDochas Sidhe changelin

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Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Mitch Brown husband Changeling
Karen Brown second oldest child Oneiromancer
Toby Daye friend Knight-errant, Changeling
Cassandra oldest child university freshman UC Berkeley
Anthony middle child
Jessica second youngest child age 6
Andrew youngest child
Blind Michael took two of her kids leader of the Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt took two of her kids

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✥ In Rosemary and Rue, after Toby recovered from all of her injuries with Jin's help, enough to walk, she went to stay with Mitch and Stacy. Toby enjoyed spoiling the kids.[2]

Book References Edit

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  2. Rosemary and Rue, ch. 27

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