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Rose Goblin

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Spike is a Rose Goblin (a magical creature that looks like a cat made from a rosebush) that Toby accidentally adopted when she named him.

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  • meesngers, deliverers...

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  • has his own magic

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  • quite vocal, though Toby cannot understand his chirps and ‘purrs’
  • survives quite well with some sunlight, water and fertilizer

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  • extremely loyal companion
  • has endearing personality
  • Spike loves car rides

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  • He doesn't flower but has thorns instead of fur—otherwise similar to a cat

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  • Prefers rural settings to urban setting.

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Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Toby friend Changeling Toby adopted
Evening Winterrose indirect countess of Goldengreen her sprite had him deliver the Summer Roads Key to Toby
Luna Torquill natural affinity Duchess of Shadowed Hills has him take Toby to Luidaeg
Cagney and Lacey just met Toby's cats  Snarled at each other till Toby told them to stop

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

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✥ In Rosemary and Rue, At Luna Torquill's behest, he led her to the Luidaeg—cringing, whining, cuddling Toby while there.[2] She brought him home, he faced off with Cagney and Lacey, but they all stopped to look at her when she said to stop. Spike stayed to guard the apartment while Toby followed the cats to the Court of Cats to get evidence from Tybalt.[3]

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