Samson is Raj's father and a member of San Francisco's Court of Cats.

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Cait Sidhe

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Samson is Raj's power-hungry father. Despite the "love" he has for Raj when he became Tybalt's nephew, he resented him because of his role nevertheless. His cruelty was enough that he prevented Raj from saving his mother's life during Oleander's attack on the Court of Dreaming Cats because she was "weak".

Eventually Samson bargains with Duchess Riordan - in exchange for using Chelsea as her way to colonise Annwn, she'd aid him with the insurrection of the Court of Cats and manipulating Raj as his own puppet king. It ironically backfires when Raj ends up being stranded in Annwn and a majority of the Court being flooded with lava that kills and injures a good amount of Cait Sidhe, Tybalt being one of the casualties.

The senseless abuse of his son hits breaking point, and Samson is deluded enough to blame Toby for distracting Tybalt from the interests of his court. He rallies a good amount of Cait Sidhe, and eviscerates Toby twice in response - although Li Qin's magic played a factor in that happening.

Samson is finally killed by Etienne, who violently strangles him to death with iron chains. Samson's death was arguably the most brutal death in the entire series because of Etienne's method (Oleander's mass poisoning and murder of Manuel wasn't even able to compare), as the iron chains Etienne utilised both burned and poisoned him at the same time and the strangulation was cutting off the oxygen supply - Toby even notes that Samson's body couldn't even tell whether to go pale or red and settled for in-between. The brutality of this death is barely rivalled by Queen Verona and Minna, who fell from the highest point of Arden's knowe.

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Raj son Tybalt's nephew & heir

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