Sacred Woods — and some not so sacred but have meaningful or magical used

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The Fae swear by their sacred trees ("Oak and ash!"), by the names of their progenitors ("Maeve's tits!"), or by other terms sacred to them ("Root and branch!"). Also: “Oak and yarrow", . . .

Four Sacred Woods of FaerieEdit

Sacred Wood Property of Power Note
Oak bracing
Ash balance
Rowan pattern
Thorn protection

Other Woods or Plants Edit

Wood  Use or Meaning Note
Yarrow incantations or curses

Objects and Instances Edit

  • Hope Chest — Carved by Oberon's own hands from the four sacred woods of Faerie interlocked, carved with knives of water and air—oak and ash for bracing and balance, rowan and thorn for pattern and protection. It is said to be twelve of them.

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