The Roane are shapeshifters descended from Luidaeg. They are not inclined to vengeance, and their magic is innate—they’re shape-shifters, like the Cait Sidhe, not skin-shifters like the Selkies. They’re also practically extinct, as a result of Evening Winterrose's ploy to punish them for their "false happiness". [1]

Characteristics Edit

green eyes, irises too large to be human[2]

changelings may not be able to transform[2]

they are also described as "known for prophecy" and every thing that Mary says in OSS does turn out to be perfectly correct, if not immediately comprehensible.


  • Ross Hampton, Julie's boyfriend
  • Mary, fortune teller of the Duchy of Saltmist
  • Roane boy from Blind Michael's Hunt (status unknown)
  • Elizabeth Ryan's husband (pureblood)
  • Diva (Selkie/Roane mixed blood, Roane blood confirmed to be dominant)
  • Emrys/Emry's mother (The Fixed Stars)
  • Firtha, youngest of the Luidaeg's children (deceased)

Book Chapter References Edit

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