Raj is the Cait Sidhe Prince of the Court of Dreaming Cats in San Francisco, California. He is the adoptive nephew of the court's current King of Cats, Tybalt, and heir apparent to his throne. He is also a friend to October Daye and her squire Quentin, and the former boyfriend of Helen, a half-Hob changeling, his love interest now may be Chelsea. He has aided and accompanied Toby on a number of her quests.

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Raj is of the Cait Sidhe and a descendant of Titania. Like all of his race, he can change into a cat and back to human form at will, and possesses all of a cat's abilities and heightened senses in both forms.

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Raj is a Royal Kitten, being groomed for succeeding the king when Tybalt is ready to retire. He is the first to be born in 60 years, so he is considered very, very precious. He is deeply devoted to Toby, who has rescued him from several terrible situations since they've met. He is Samson's son, Tybalt's adopted nephew, Quentin's best friend, and Toby's unofficial squire. Dating Helen, a half-Hob who helped him when they were both taken by Blind Michael in An Artificial Night. ~ Characters/October Daye - Television Tropes & Idioms

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being groomed for succeeding the king when Tybalt is ready to retire

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As a Cait Sidhe, Raj can shapeshift into a cat form, specifically an Abyssnian cat, and can also access the Shadow Roads. As a descendant of Titania, he is able to resist illusion-based magic, as shown when he was able to resist Bucer's persuasion powers.

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Like most Cait Sidhe, Raj is arrogant and resolves issues with fighting. However, because of his father's abuse, he is submissive to his demands, even going as far as to threaten to kill Tybalt.

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Court of Cats

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Name Connection What About
Tybalt Uncle, Adopted heir King of the Cait Sidhe
Quentin best friend Foster of Shadow Hills
Toby Daye Knight errant of Shadowed Hills devoted to Toby; rescued him from several terrible situations
Samson father Cait Sidhe not related to Tybalt
Helen dating half-Hob helped him when they were both taken by Blind Michael
Chelsea friend, love interest Tuatha de Dannan pureblood (formerly changeling)

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