Patrick (Twycross) Lorden was a landless baron until he married a Duchess of the Undersea and renounced his title to play ducal consort. Patrick is now the Duke of Saltmist and is the husband of Dianda Lorden, the Duchess of Saltmist. Their young sons get kidnapped.

While attending a meeting on the matter with the Queen of the Mists at her court, Toby saves him from an arrow in the chest. In spite of that, the meeting between the Duchess and the Queen did not end well and the two are going to war. The only chance Toby has of keeping the war from happening is to find the missing children and prove that the Queen had nothing to do with their abduction–and it has to be within the next three days or it will be too late.

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  • good with metalwork,[1] alchemy

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  • Friendly, levelheaded, and a good balance to his wise but fierce wife.
  • enjoys the company of pixies

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Name Connection What About
Dean Lorden one of his two sons Daoine Sidhe inherited his father's Daoine Sidhe form
Peter Lorden one of his two sons Merrow inherited his mother's Merrow form
Duchess Dianda Lorden wife Merrow

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  1. Write in Water

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