Nolan Windermere

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It's Toby's mission (Chimes at Midnight, book #7) to find the rightful heirs of Gilad Windermere and put them on the throne, replacing the current Queen. Nolan was shot with Elf Shot in the 1930s and is still in a coma. It's left to his sister Arden Windermere to claim the throne from the current Queen of the Mists who is holding the position illegally.

Nolan is finally awoken by Arden after the events of Once Broken Faith. Toby reveals that Arden has been easing Nolan into the century bit by bit.

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Name Connection What About
Arden Windermere sister Tuatha de Danann heir to throne in her brother's stead
Gilad Windermere father former deceased king Tuatha de Danann,

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