Mitch Brown is a Hob and Nixie changeling married to Stacy Brown and father to several children. He is approximately the same age as October Daye. Mitch and October grew up together in the Summerlands and were the leaders of a small group of changelings about the same age.[1] Mitch spent some time at Home before his marriage.

Appearance-wise, he is taller than expected from his parentage.[1] He is a kind man who cares about his friends, though he is not above some teasing. [2]

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  • San Francisco

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  • Stacy Brown — weak-blooded Stacy, Toby's best friend and Mitch's eventual wife.

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  • The dent by the door in Devin's office at Home was still there, marking the spot where Julie tried to shoved Mitch Brown through the wall for making a crack about her latest boyfriend.[2]

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Name Connection What About
Karen Brown second oldest child Oneiromancer
Toby Daye friend Knight-errant, Changeling
Cassandra oldest child university freshman UC Berkeley
Anthony middle child
Jessica second youngest child age 6
Andrew youngest child
Blind Michael took two of her kids leader of the Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt took two of her kids

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Rosemary and Rue Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Mitch came to the Safeway where Toby worked after her release from the pond, and tried to convince her to come visit his wife and family. When she refused to acknowledge him as anything more than a stranger, he left, saddened.[1] During the weeks it took to recover from her many injuries, Toby stayed with Mitch and Stacy Brown and their many children.[3]

An Artificial Night Edit

Main article: An Artificial Night

Mitch's two young children have been taken and one is in a coma. They ask Toby for help in getting their chlldren back.

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"Are we still doing this? I really hoped we'd be done by now. You sure you don't want to be done? I can wait around. You can come home with me after your shift. I'm off for the night, and Stacy would love to see you. She'd even make pancakes if I called and told her you were coming..."[1]

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