A Magic Signature is the scent that is emitted by a Faerie or a Changeling when they use magic. It is like a fingerprint, unique, and cannot be faked. Magical signatures give some indication of an individual's ancestors (luidaeg).[citation needed]

Characters and their Scent Edit

Name Magic Signature
October Daye copper and cut grass
Tybalt pennyroyal and musk
Sylvester Torquill dogwood flower and daffodil
Evening Winterrose roses and snow
Oleander de Merelands Crushed oleanders & sulfuric acid
Dare Lorimer apples
Lily hibiscus and water lilies
Quentin steel and heather
Raj pepper and burning paper
Simon Torquill old: candle smoke and mulled cider

current: smoke and rotten oranges

Amandine blood and roses
Luidaeg brackish water and cool clean ocean air
Alex Olsen clover and coffee
Queen of the Mists rowan and damp sand
May Daye ashes and cotton candy
Walther Davies ice and yarrow
Connor O'Dell kelp
Rayseline Torquill mustard flowers and hot wax
Bucer O’Malley damp linen and pine
Gillian Marks fresh-cut grass and blooming primroses (former)
Dean Lorden wet stone and eucalyptus
Treasa Riordan apples and snowdrops
Li Quin Zhou hydrangeas and black tea
Etienne cedar smoke and limes
Chelsea Ames sycamore smoke and calla lilies
Arden Windermere redwood bark and blackberry flowers
Nolan Windermere redwood sap and fresh blackberries
Dianda Lorden water lilies and amber
Patrick Lorden cranberry blossoms and mayflower
King Rhys meadowsweet and wine vinegar
Marlis ice and milefoil
Karen Brown cottonwood and quince
Cassandra Brown grapefruit and turpentine
August Torquill campfire smoke and roses
Maida Sollys fresh-cooled steel and dry hay
Aethlin Sollys heather and celandine poppies
Antonio Robinson Spanish moss and walnut shells

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