Li Quin Zhou is the formerly widowed spouse of January O'Leary and April O'Leary's "mother". She is a Shyi Shuai, a luck fae.

Events in the Series Edit

Ashes of Honor Edit

Li Qin's first appearance is in Ashes of Honor, where she is investigating the instabilities in the shallowings caused by Chelsea's uncontrollable magic. She uses her mourner's rights (during the period of January's temporary death) to gain access into Dreamer's Glass with Toby and Quentin, in where they discover that that Duchess Riordan was using Chelsea to colonise Annwn. She helps Toby evade the cops and locate Chelsea with her own magic, but the backlashes cause Toby to be eviscerated twice by Samson. Although Toby is grateful for the manipulation of luck, she refuses Li Qin's offers of altering the probability of her luck.

Chimes at Midnight Edit

Li Qin is instrumental in giving Toby access to the Library of the Stars due to her prior relationship with Mags. Although she offers to alter Toby's luck again in her favour, Toby - who reverted herself into a merlin due to the goblin-fruit pie - declines immediately, worried that she would either revert herself human or die an even more painful death than her evisceration.

Once Broken Faith Edit

Li Qin appears during the conclave as a representative for Dreamer's Glass. As opposed to Luna's coldness towards Toby over Raysel's fate, Li Qin warmly welcomes Toby.

Of Things Unknown Edit

Li Qin and April call in Toby to finally bring all the dead ALH employees back to life. Unbeknownst to her, April bargains with the night-haunts to reconstruct January's body in exchange for the possibility of the proper deaths of the ALH employees, and they succeed. Li Qin is tearfully reunited with her wife.

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