Kingdom of the Mists - properly known as Kingdom in the Mists - is the fae kingdom that covers Northern California. It is quite large and includes several Duchies and Fiefdoms: Duchy of Shadowed Hills, Duchy of Dreamer's Glass, County of Tamed Lightning, and Golden Gate Park, which includes the Tea Gardens. Its territory overlaps with the Court of Dreaming Cats. It is within this kingdom that the bulk of October Daye's adventures have taken place.

Rulers and Courts Edit

The current queen is Arden Windermere. She holds her court in Muir Woods, like her father did before her.

Previous Rulers Edit

  • Queen of the Mists, who held the throne illegitimately. She held court in her knowe, located off a beach about six miles from Fisherman's Wharf, in San Francisco Bay.[1]
  • Gilad Windermere, who perished in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. He held his court in Muir Woods.

Duchies, Counties, and Fiefdoms Edit

Territories Leader / Regent Location
Duchy of Shadowed Hills Sylvester Torquill Berkeley Hills, one of the largest
County of Tamed Lightning April O'Leary Fremont (Lower East Bay)
Duchy of Dreamer's Glass Duchess Treasa Riordan Near San Jose
Tea Gardens Lily in Golden Gate park
Goldengreen Dean Lorden behind the San Francisco Art Museum

History / BackgroundEdit

Coat of Arms- silver[2]

Book Chapter References Edit

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