Countess January O'Leary — aka January ap Learianth  is Duke Sylvester Torquill's niece and CEO of ALH Computing, located in the County of Tamed Lightning.

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Brunette with red streaks, china-pale skin; wore glasses; artful graceless-ness, like she wore the world instead of letting it wear her.[1]


For a full list of employees, see ALH Computing.

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January has not called Sylvester in three weeks though she always calls every week. So, he sends Toby, to investigate.[2] When Toby arrives, January acts nervous—Toby realizes something is not right.

January is eventually killed by Gordan. Although it is later revealed that both April and Gordan were the ones picking off the ALH staff, Gordan took the initiative and murdered January when she realised that April was having doubts about killing her own mother.

By the time Gordan is killed and April is cleared of all the murders, January's body is burnt in a funeral pyre.

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April manages to get the night-haunts to recreate January's body. She, with the help of Toby and Li Qin, manage to restore January to live along with the ALH employees that were killed.

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