Home is small fiefdom located in the bad part of San Francisco, run by Devin. It is a flophouse for down and out Changelings Many changelings flee the Summerlands during their difficult growing up years, and Home provided a judgement-free refuge for any that wanted it.

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✥ The Queen left the Home halfway house alone, because she couldn’t move against Toby's home fiefdom without insulting her liege, Sylvester. That angered her. When Toby was missing, her obstacle was gone. Winterrose stopped the Queen, in Toby's name.  

"A lot of changelings have fled the Summerlands over the centuries, building an entire society on the border between Faerie and the mortal world. The purebloods don’t know what to do with their precious half-blood children when they turn into angry adults." The fae never did anything to stop what went on in the borderlands, like Home. Changelings have gotten destroyed by the border world—fae equivalents for mortal drugs are far worse and Faerie held a lot of ways for the innocent to get killed. [1]

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  • Devin —Fagin-like leader 


Front Room DutyEdit

  • All the kids had "duties". Front room duty was the hardest—had to stay alert without seeming to pay attention, and no matter how long you had to sit there—you didn’t dare fall asleep.
  • There were always seven on front room duty

Physical DescriptionEdit

Home is located in an abandoned looking building, between an old motel and an all-night massage parlor.[2] Unlike most knowes, fae can enter Home freely, though it can be difficult to leave. To protect Home against human entry, Devin procured a Coblynau-made sign (HOME: WHERE YOU STOP) layered with a powerful misdirection charm, and hung it outside.[2]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Toby took her picture with Mitch and Julie in it. She also took the shot of Dare and Manuel of the bulletin board in Devin's office. [3]
  • kids don't wear glamour disguises at Home.[2]

Residents Edit

Name Changeling type About
Devin Lamia Founder and leader
Dare Lorimer Tylwyth Teg, Piskie Manuel's twin
Manuel Lorimer Tylwyth Teg, Piskie Dare's twin
?, girl Candela pale green eyes; juggled glowing orbs[2]
?, boy ? hedgehog spikes instead of hair
Toby Daye Dochas Sidhe former resident
Mitch Brown Nixie, Hob former resident
Stacy Brown former resident
Julie Cait Sidhe former resident
Kerry Hob former resident
Jimmy former resident
John Silene former resident
Little Mike Gremlin former resident

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

Rosemary and Rue Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Toby goes Home for help. Devin lured her in, seeming to still care for her and promises to help.[4] Dare and Manuel Lorimer take her to Home after a Doppleganger attacks her while already seriously injured.[5] Devin tells her he called the Luidaeg to save her, she had too much blood loss to survive.[6] After she learns the truth, she returns to home again to confront Devin, who ends up dead as well as Dare.[7] Toby got Manuel packed up while the Night-haunts did their work. Toby took photos off the wall in Devin's office: her with Mitch Brown and Julie; plus a photo of Dare and Manny. Then Sylvester arrives and takes them away. They returned several times to go through papers and clean the place out. When done, they brought in Salamanders to burn it down.[3]

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