Goldengreen is a knowe tucked behind the San Francisco Art Museum, right at the edge of the cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It is the Seat of the County of Goldengreen.


Goldengreen is Evening Winterrose’s knowe, and the gateway to her small holdings in the Summerlands. It was locked and sealed after her death, by her own wishes.


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Characteristics / Nature Edit

  • isolated and urban at the same time, a thing of borders, like the city itself
  • the entrance is beautiful
  • the knowe reflects the styles of their owners/rulers, and mourn if their owner/ruler is killed.
  • magic rather than guards protected it—wrapping her Court in layers of illusion, tucking the doors in shadows and the walls in the whisper of wind on the water. [1]
  • stone floor
  • beautiful main courtyard: "a vast, circular room with crystal panels in the domed ceiling"[2] allowing sunlight or moonlight from the Summerlands to enter

Entry PointsEdit

  • Main entrance (one way): San Francisco Art Museum garden
    • Circle a sundial three times—touch it at six, nine, and three o’clock—kneel, pick up a rock, and throw it hard off the cliff.[1]
  • Rusty shed in a field behind the San Francisco Art Museum [2]
  • "Back door": a jump's distance off a cliff overlooking the ocean [2]
  • Through an unknown point in the Art Museum [2]

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  • Evening had left Toby a magic key that could be tied to Goldengreen, if it took her there, she could be stuck here and the killers could find her.
  • Evening Winterrose was countess in name only—title and lands but no subjects.[1]

Characters Associated Edit

Name What About
Evening Winterrose Countess of Goldengreen, Daoine Sidhe murdered;
October Daye Toby seeks clues
Dean Lorden

Events in the Series (Spoilers) Edit

Main article: Rosemary and Rue

Toby goes there seeking clues, accompanied by Dare and Manuel Lorimer.

Main article: Late Eclipses

Toby is awarded the title of Countess of Goldengreen. Toby regards the pixies and bogeys as the owners of the knowe because the knowe does... and possibly because Toby is a Changeling rather than a pureblood.

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  • 1. Rosemary and Rue (2009)
  • 4. Late Eclipses (2011)

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