Goblin Fruit is a narcotic found in the deeper lands of Faerie. To purebloods, it's harmless and can provide sweet dreams. As for changelings and humans, goblin fruit is much more addictive and eventually fatal. Only October and the changelings she rescued from the Kingdom of Silences are the only few who have successfully gotten clean from it.

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Goblin Fruit is a sweet black berry, usually mashed up into jam to dilute the effects. Purebloods are able to handle goblin fruit and can recover easily. As for changelings, even the smell is very intoxicating, but a taste is enough to cause an addiction that will eventually waste away their bodies until they die from starvation. It is even dangerous for blood workers, as goblin fruit shows up in the blood, and Selkies are also susceptible due to their humanity underneath their skins.

There are no ways for changelings to come clean from goblin fruit except for the use of a hope chest (or a Dochas Sidhe if lucky), however Walther Davies devised a rudimentary treatment using blood and illusion magic to trick the body into feeling full. The Luidaeg was able to expand on this further, using her own blood.

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  • Purebloods

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Name What About
Toby Daye Changeling got hit by a pie full of Goblin Fruit, cured with help from hope chest
Devin's Kids Changeling all got hooked on goblin fruit, unknown if any survived

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