The Firstborn are children of the Three. They are extremely powerful compared to the living races of fae, who are all descended from the Firstborn. While they can be similar, they are each genetically and magically unique. Most of them can blend into their own descendant races, pretending to be what they create, but they'll always stand a little bit apart, no matter how hard they try to disappear. They get good with illusions and minor shapeshifts, because otherwise, they'd never have any peace. No one knows how many Firstborn are still alive. They don't want anyone to know.[1]

Firstborn are more fertile than normal fae, partially for the sake of establishing new races.[1]

There were once over one hundred Firstborn, but many of them have been killed in the time since the Three disappeared and the rest have gone into hiding.[2] However, the current identities of a number of Firstborn have recently become common knowledge among Faerie.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Each Firstborn is descended from at least one of the Three, and many are descended from either Oberon + Titania or Oberon + Maeve.[1] When this occurs, they must claim one parent or the other.
  • Any time a Firstborn takes a new lover and has children, the child or children will begin a new race.[1] Even if they share both parents, those children will not be biologically related and would have no issues coupling with each other if they were not raised together.[3]
  • A Firstborn having multiple children with the same partner will always result in consistent descendant races.[3]
  • If a Firstborn has children with multiple partners, each new partner may produce descendants that are the same race, slightly different, or totally new.[3] They are more likely to be different if significant time has passed since one descendent race was created.[citation needed]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • McGuire tries to avoid including traditional races whose origin myths clash with the idea of descending from one of The Three. Looking back, she would probably either keep it more Euro-centric, to avoid possibly disrespecting another culture's folklore, or find a way to incorporate other fae monarchs in other places."[1]

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