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8. The Winter Long (Sept 2, 2014)

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Represent the transfer of power between the Unseelie and Seelie Courts. There was a time when every fiefdom had two regents, they would trade places on those nights.

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Yule and Midsummer are more general holidays meant for everyone to celebrate.


When the former Queen of the Mists held parties, she kept them restricted to only the highest nobles, never allowing the common folk. The new queen—Arden Windermere—does things differently throwing a kingdom-wide Yule celebration—the first since King Gilad was murdered.



Name What About
Queen of the Mists False Queen threw closed, restricted parties, if at all
Arden Windermere Rightful Queen, Tuatha de Dannan Throws open celebrations to mark a new era
King Gilad Windermere Former King, Tuatha de Dannan Deceased; thought to have died in 1906 SF earthquake; it comes out later that he was murdered
Oleander de Merelands assassin; PeriTuatha de Dannan poisoned several people, including Toby at one of the Queen's parties

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