Sir Etienne of Shadowed Hills is the Duchy's Tuatha de Dannan master-at-arms. He has a teenage daughter, Chelsea, with Bridget Ames. He is extremely loyal but is a rigid rule-follower.

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He's Toby's grudging trainer, and eventual friend after Ashes of Honor.

He is sworn to Sylvester as his knight, though it is clear that he is the captain of all of the knights in Sylvester's service.

Prior to the series, during Rayseline and Luna's absence, Sylvester had been driven mad and as a result, Etienne had to hold Shadowed Hills in place while Jin had to regularly drug him in order to give the staff a break. It is here Etienne met Professor Ames at UC Berkeley, where he played faerie bride the same way Toby did with Cliff. Sylvester began resisting Jin's attempts at that point, and the two went their separate ways, though Etienne was unaware that Bridget was pregnant with Chelsea.

Etienne is mentioned in Rosemary and Rue, where Toby ask Quentin how the "old war horse" was doing.

Etienne appears in Late Eclipses where he assists Toby in trying to locate Oleander. He is horrified when he finds out that Rayseline was responsible for Luna's poisoning.

Etienne helps Toby in One Salt Sea in investigating Rayseline. He manages to stop Toby from assaulting Dugan, reminding her how unlanded Daoine Sidhe are. He manages to stop Dugan from assassinating the false Queen, going as far as to kick him in the balls.

Etienne's role becomes more central in Ashes of Honor when he reveals to Toby that he fathered a changeling daughter outside of Faerie's knowledge. Though Sylvester is unaware that Etienne hired Toby, he harbors guilt that he betrayed the oaths to his liege out of exhaustion in maintaining Shadowed Hills. He also kills Samson to protect Toby while they're stranded in Annwn. When Chelsea's teleportation grows out of control, he begins chasing her throughout the realms, and he sprays her and himself with Walther's power dampener while Toby gives her the Changeling's Choice. Though he is unable to use his powers for a year, Etienne is grateful to Toby for saving both Chelsea and Bridget and they become friends.

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  • Hidebound, traditionalist, inflexible—but also decent, kind, and determinedly loyal

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  • copper sheen to his eyes, glittering, metallic, inhuman[1]

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  1. Ashes of Honor, Ch. 6

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