Elliot is a Bannick working at ALH Computing. He's very friendly. Elliot escorted Toby and Quentin to the cafeteria.[1] He was engaged to Yui Hyouden, a software tester, before her death, though they eventually reuinite after Yui is revived. He is seneschal to April O'Leary, Countess of Tamed Lightning, as he was to January before.

His father is a member of the household staff at Shadowed Hills. His mother fell on the battlefield in the War of Silences.

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  • can bathe, mend clothing and apruce up people magically"[1]

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  • very friendly, polite, and smiles a lot

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  • impeccably tailored suit. His hair and goatee were clipped close, not a strand out of place. [1]

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  • He is careful about getting consent before cleansing anyone.

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✥ In A Local Habitation, Elliot cleansed Toby and Quentin on the way to the cafeteria.[1]

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