Duchy of Shadowed Hills

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Shadowed Hills is a secret Faerie fiefdom hidden outside San Francisco. The knowe held by Sylvester Torquill, who is one of the most beloved nobles in fae society. He runs his household with kindness and love, and is pretty much fatherly toward changelings, where most full-blooded fae are disdainful toward fae with human blood.

✥ Shadowed Hills is located in the area around Mt. Diablo. It is the largest Duchy in the Bay Area, and it's one of the largest political entities in the Kingdom of the Mists. It has several semi-autonomous Counties and no political aspirations.

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  • Secret Faerie fiefdom hidden outside San Francisco

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  • The Torquill knowe is located in a park called Paso Nogal in the sleepy suburb of Pleasant Hill, about twenty miles outside the boundaries of the Mt. Diablo State Park.[1]

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  • It's like a giant labyrinth with a sense of humor—"halls bend back on themselves and loop in long, impossible curves; doors you’ve seen before lead places you’ve never been, and doors that weren’t there yesterday take you right back where you started." [2]
  • checkerboard marble floor


  • requires jumping through a series of silly an annoying hoops:
    • walking up the largest hill in the park
    • crawling under a cluster of hawthorn bushes
    • running six times counterclockwise around an oak tree surrounded by mud
    • knocking on the surface of a nearby stump

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  • one of the largest Duchies in the Kingdom of the Mists"
  • Shadowed Hills was filed with roses because the Duke's wife is the Lady of the Roses.
  • the windows ringed with garlands of silver and pale blue roses

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Name What About
Duke Sylvester Torquill Duke of Shadowed Hills runs his household with kindness
Duchess Luna Torquill Kitsune Happily married: to Sylvester; Daughter: Rayseline;
Rayseline Torquill Sylvester and Luna's only child Arranged marriage: to Connor; Crazy from 10-year captivity by kidnappers
Connor O'Dell Selkie Noble Arranged marriage: to Rayseline; old friend and flame of Toby's.
Sir October Christine Daye Knight Errant; Changeling failed to rescue Luna & Rayseline when Simon turned her into a fish;
Etienne Pureblood Tuatha de Dannan; First Knight of Shadowed Hills; Toby's grudging trainer, traditionalist, inflexible, kind;
Quentin Daoine Sidhe teenager blind fosterage until age 21; Puppy-Dog Eyes
Jin Pureblood Ellyllon Shadowed Hills's healer.
Grianne Pureblood Candela; Third-in-command; quiet but chatty for her species, knew Rayseline better than most (OSS ch 11) illuminating species of fae: help teleport, scout
Melly and Ormond Hobs in charge of Sylvester's cleaning staff, love cleaning
Simon Torquill Daoine Sidhe, Sylvester Torquill's twin kidnaps Luna Torquill & Rayseline Torquill for ten years; turns Toby into a fish;
Garm guard, Gwragen Late Eclipses Ch 10
Tavis guard, Bridge Troll

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