Duchy of Saltmist

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5. One Salt Sea (2011) 10. Once Broken Faith


Undersea realm of the Sea Fae. The Duchy of Saltmist runs up along most of the California seaboard.

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  • Duchess Dianda Lorden of Saltmist


  • Undersea
  • Kingdom of Leucothea

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Name What About
Duchess Dianda Lorden Duchess of Saltmist sons have been kidnapped, declares war on
Patrick Lorden husband, consort, Duke Pureblood Daoine Sidhe
Dean Lorden Daoine Sidhe one of their two sons, missing; inherited his father's Daoine Sidhe form
Peter Lorden Merrow one of their two sons, missing; inherited his mother's Merrow form
Connor O'Dell Selkie in an arranged political marriage between Saltmist and the Kingdom of the Mists to the daughter of the Duchy of Shadowed Hills: Rayseline Torquill
Luidaeg Firstborn, Sea Witch uses her owed favor to get Toby to rescue the sons of Saltmist
October Daye Countess of Goldengreen, Knight goes to Seamist to find the missing boys: Peter and Dean
Quentin official squire goes with Toby to the Seamist
Rayseline Torquill Sylvester Torquill's daughter still causing trouble; Connor's wife;

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