Dianda Lorden

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Regent of Saltmist, Merrow (basically mermaid with storm powers—also the most common and powerful of the Undersea species-called by Toby the Daoine Sidhe of the Undersea). Incredibly powerful, incredibly hot tempered, incredibly awesome. On land, likes to fight by jumping at her enemies in her two legged form, then transforming and using her very muscular tail to beat her opponents senseless.

Her two young sons Dean and Peter kidnapped; declares war on the land sidhe; married a Daoine Sidhe

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Family Edit

  • Husband: Patrick Lorden
  • Sons:
  • Former fiance: Inna, from Arkticheskiy[1] 
  •  I was only fifty when my parents sent me away. I had two younger brothers, then, and a mother living. I returned to find only Father[2]

Abilities, Powers, Skills Edit

  • Storm powers
  • Transform easily between two-legged human form and mer-form with a powerful mer-tail.
  • Badass: And how. Managed to fight multiple guards...after being imprisoned in an iron cell. As Toby said, Undersea Fae nobles hold their titles by strength, not tradition.

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

  • incredibly hot tempered

Physical Appearance Edit

  • "Her skin was the light brown of sand on an untouched shore, and her sleek brown hair fell to cup her jawline, concealing both the points of her ears and the lines of her gills. The light glittered when it touched her face, reflecting off the tiny scales that lingered there even in her two-legged form"[1]
  • tall, blue-eyed woman with a heart-shaped face framed by the glossy black planes of her hair, which fell to her collarbones before ending in a sharp, geometric line. She was wearing an old-fashioned silk dress in deep blue, with a squared-off bodice and a split skirt revealing the paler blue beneath. [3]

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Other DetailsEdit

  • Magic smells of amber oil and water lilies[4]

Connections Edit

Name Connection What About
Dean Lorden one of her two sons 1/2 Daoine Sidhe, 1/2 Merrow inherited his father's Daoine Sidhe form, cannot transform, uses a potion to survive underwater
Peter Lorden one of her two sons Merrow inherited his mother's Merrow form
Patrick Lorden husband, consort, Duke pure Daoine Sidhe
Connor O'Dell Saltmist Selkie Political marriage between Saltmist and Shadowed Hills
Toby Daye searches for her sons

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