Dean Lorden

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half Daoine Sidhe half Merrow

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Dean Lorden's parents are Patrick Lorden and Dianda Lorden. As a child, he and his brother, Peter, were kidnapped—October Daye was tasked with finding them by Luidaeg to fulfill a favor owed in One Salt Sea. Later, he becomes Count of Goldengreen after Toby.

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  • streaky green hair, brown skin (full of briars)

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Name Connection What About
Dianda Lorden mother Merrow
Patrick Lorden father Land Fae, Daoine Sidhe
Peter Lorden brother Merrow was also kidnapped in One Salt Sea
October Daye gets her position from the Queen of the Mists, gives it to Dean Lorden
Walther Davies Tea Gardens Tylwyth Teg teaches chemistry at UC Berkeley
Quentin Sollys boyfriend Merrow/Daoine Sidhe begins dating in the timeskip between The Winter Long and A Red-Rose Chain

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