County of Tamed Lightning — aka Fremont

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2. A Local Habitation (2009)

8. Ashes of Honor (2012)

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County of Tamed Lightning is an independent County located in the boring city of Fremont and is stuck between two larger Duchy's—Shadowed Hills and Dreamer's Glass. Their independence is delaying the inevitable supernatural turf war between the big guys. In the mean time, that means that Tamed Lightning is not a safe place to live for fae.


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January O'Leary — Countess of Tamed Lightning (Deceased)

April O'Leary - Countess of Tamed Lightning


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Name What About
April O'Leary Dryad Countess
January O'Leary Dione Sidhe Desceased
Elliott Bannick Seneschal

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✥ In A Local Habitation,

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