Cliff Marks was Toby's fiancé and father of her daughter when she disappeared for 14 years having been turned into a fish by Simon Torquilland Oleander de Merelands. Cliff thinks Toby abandoned him and their daughter, Gillian Marks. When she returned, He refused to have anything to do with her. The same held true for Gillian.[1]

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Human / Changeling (quarter Fae)

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  • Cliff can cook and he can tolerate six hours of Sesame Street a day.[2]

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  • Toby was Cliff's "faerie bride". She never informed him of what she was: a changeling working for the Fae as a knight errant.
  • Sold Toby's business to cover her debts[1] 
  • “I love you more than fairy tales” was what Toby traditionally told him instead of “good-bye”.[2]

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✥ In Rosemary and Rue, Cliff calls while Toby is on stake-out, asking her to bring chocolate ice cream home. Their daughter, Gillian Marks is listening with keen ears that she got from her mother who is half faerie—though neither Cliff or Gilly know it.[2] After being released from a spell that turned Toby into a fish for fourteen years, she went to see Cliff. She couldn’t tell him where I’d been or what had happened, so she told him that she had amnesia due to being attacked by the man she’d been tailing. He hung up the phone. Both Cliff and Gillian refused to see her or talk to her every time she tried.[1]

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