Chelsea Ames is the daughter of Etienne and Bridget Ames. She was an extremely powerful Tuatha de Dannan changeling before she made her Changeling's Choice. She is intelligent and has a scientific bent, having been raised with the knowledge that she was a changeling.[1]

Events in the SeriesEdit

Ashes of Honor Edit

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Chelsea disappears while walking back home from Colusa High School in Berkeley. Etienne discovers her existence when Bridget called him, which forced him to talk to Toby about finding her.

Toby doesn't realize the seriousness of what Chelsea is until she finds a notebook with research notes on her teleportation limits - limits that stretched beyond a normal Tuatha de Dannan like Etienne was.

With assistance from the Luidaeg, Toby uses a specialised tracking method to find Chelsea, who has lost complete control over her magic to the point where she opens a hole from the Fire Kingdom to the Court of Dreaming Cats (though Samson, Raj's abusive, power-hungry father was responsible for that with a blood charm).

It is revealed Duchess Treasa Riordan from Dreamer's Glass was responsible for Chelsea's uncontrollable jumping, who intended to force Chelsea to use her powers to colonise Annwn.

Toby manages to shift her into a pureblooded Tuatha de Dannan with help from Walther's power dampener, though she loses access to her teleportation until Once Broken Faith.

The Winter Long Edit

Chelsea is not seen again until the Winter Long. She, Bridget and Etienne are adjusting to a family life together, and she finally gets a rest from using her powers for a while. It is here that she bonds with Raj.

Once Broken Faith Edit

Chelsea regains access to her teleportation powers. Raj, who developed a crush on Chelsea, had invited her to a sleepover that Toby was hosting for Quentin, Dean and Karen.

References Edit

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