Bridget 'Bess' Ames is a professor of folklore at UC Berkeley and the mother of Chelsea Ames. She is intelligent, but can be belligerent and obnoxious. She lived with her daughter in Berkeley through the events of Ashes of Honor, at which point Etienne took both of them to live at Shadowed Hills.

Bridget had a brief relationship with Etienne during October's disappearance and the period where Luna and Rayseline were still stranded in the prison Simon had made for them. She had always suspected Etienne was Fae. Because Sylvester was still mad during the disappearances, Etienne's relationship with Bridget suffered and they ended on bad terms, with Etienne unaware of Bridget's pregnancy.

Bridget had raised Chelsea knowing that she wasn't completely human. Chelsea's baby magic had failed, resorting to Bridget making her grow out her hair to cover her pointed ears and wearing rose tinted glasses to cover her metallic eyes.

When Chelsea disappears, Bridget finally calls Etienne in Ashes of Honor, to which Bridget accuses Etienne of stealing her daughter, calling him every offensive term and even naming his race. Toby, whom Bridget hired, managed to track down her high school, and uses Gillian as a way to calm Bridget down when she threatened Toby with a cast iron pan rubbed down with two anti-Fae charms.

Toby manages to turn Chelsea fully Fae, and Etienne manages to save Bridget's life and as well by taking her into Shadowed Hills.

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