Blind Michael is a firstborn of Oberon and the leader of the Wild Hunt. His consort is Acacia and their daughters are Luna Torquill and Ceres. As implied in his name, Blind Michael cannot see through his own eyes. This does not limit him, however, because he can use the eyes of all the people and creatures around him.[1] He has antlers.

Toby confronts him in An Artificial Night, when he kidnaps three of Stacy Brown's children, a handful of Tybalt's court and Quentin's human girlfriend for his Hunt. Though Toby manages to free all of them, he barters Karen Brown's consciousness in exchange for Toby's freedom, though the Luidaeg manages to work around a loophole of Toby's bargain and reclaim her.

Eventually Toby returns and, wielding the silver knife he stole from her along with Acacia's iron knife, she successfully and brutally kills him.

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