Arden Windermere is the current Queen of the Kingdom of the Mists in San Francisco. California. She is the daughter of the late King Gilad Windermere and brother of Nolan Windermere. She is also a friend to October Daye, who helped find her and bring her out of hiding to take her rightful place as Queen. She is a close friend of Madden, the Cu Sidhe who serves as her seneschal and co-worker at Borderlands Books in the mortal world.

Biography / BackgroundEdit

Arden was found working at a bookstore in San Francisco during Toby's mission to find the rightful heirs of Gilad Windermere and put them on the throne to replace the fraudulent Queen in the Mists.

Arden was frightened of standing up for her rights, quite likely because her brother was elf-shot in the 1930s and was still in a coma. Toby and her friends persuaded Arden to come out of hiding and helped her take her father's throne and knowe back.

Though after Madden is elf-shot, she panics and almost gives up the throne, but she takes charge again, even forcing Toby to be her diplomat for Silences.

She has since become a more confident Queen, and is geased by the Luidaeg to remain on her throne for at least a century until she had an heir to the throne ready, in return for helping cure her brother of a secondary spell hidden in the elf-shot he received.

She was also seen in Toby's bachelorette party, and even provided her with the hope chest after August Torquill disrupted the balance of her blood.

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  • Teleportation - all Tuatha de Dannan have the ability to open portals

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  • She seems frightened of standing up for her rights. This is natural since she has been targeted for death and having watched her brother get Elf Shot.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • human form: two colored eyes, brown/blue, chestnut hair
  • fae form: hair "so black it was virtually purple" with glossy undertones/blackberry colored, eyes "polished pyrite and shifting mercury"

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  • Muir Woods knowe

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  • Mother: Sebille, of no family line, servant to King Gilad.

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