April O'Leary is the "daughter" of January O'Leary and Li Qin Zhou. A former Dryad, January saved her life by implanting her tree into a piece of hardware, managing to bring her to life as Faerie's first Cyber-Dryad.

Biography / BackgroundEdit

January O'Leary's adopted daughter. She is a dryad who lost her tree. January worked the last still living bits of wood into the circuitry of the servers at Tamed Lightning, and made her a cyber-dryad. April runs the computer system of ALH Computers.

Gordan manipulates April into helping her kill the ALH employees for her experiment in preserving Faerie via technology. April, under the assumption that they'd come back to life the way she "does" after her servers shut down, is initially compliant. However, when Gordan tells her to kill Jan, April outright refuses, forcing Gordan to take matters into her own hands.

After January's death, April was granted right of succession for the county (and cleared for "breaking" Oberon's Law), and became a Countess in her own right. She is currently CEO of ALH Computing and working with Li Qin to help bring back the "dead".

It is not until her novella that April and Li Qin successfully found a way to restore the souls of the dead ALH employees with help from Toby. When April realises that Gordan somehow managed to preserve a backup of Jan's soul, April summons the night-haunts and orders them to create a new body for Jan. April, with Toby and Li Qin's help, successfully revives them all, and mothers and daughter are reunited.

About Edit

Characteristics Nature / Personality Edit

  • Tends to use robot-esque syntax and euphemisms, like referring to death as being "removed from the network" (though the latter is justified as, being both a pureblood fae and a computer program with backups, she doesn't know what death actually means at first.)
  • During the events of A Local Habitation, enjoys "younger" activities: loves stuffed rabbits, balloons, cartoons, and popcorn. Has a fleeting crush on Quentin.[1]

Physical Appearance Edit

  • She appears as a creepily emotionless young girl (immediately grows up to a young adult after she assumes control over Tamed Lightning)

References Edit

  1. A Local Habitation, Ch. 16