Acacia is Blind Michael's consort and the mother of Luna Torquill. She is a daughter of Titania and the Firstborn of Dryads and Blodynbryd.

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"Her skin was daffodil yellow. Tendrils of brown and gold hair snaked around her cheeks, so matted and snarled that they looked almost like thin tree roots. They writhed constantly, twisting themselves into knots and curls. Her eyes were long and narrow and the color of brass from end to end; her pupils were thin silver lines visibly contracted against the light, like a cat’s, or a serpent’s. I’d never seen anything like her."[1]

"Acacia had opened her wings. They were broad moth’s wings, pale green with golden “eyes” at their tops. The edges were tattered from their long confinement, but they’d heal; anything that could last as long as she had would need to be resilient. And they were beautiful.”[1]

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In An Artificial Night Edit

Acacia opens the Rose Road for October and gives her a weapon to use against Blind Michael.[1]

The Brightest Fell Edit

Acacia is not seen again until Toby's second visit to Blind Michael's skerry with Quentin and Simon. It is revealed she's accommodating the Hunters that she couldn't bring back to normal, and she is tending to the skerry to the point where wildlife is slowly blooming again. Acacia was aware of August's existence when she stole the overpowered Tuatha changeling from Blind Michael's clutches and helps aid Toby in following her trail.

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